May 26, 2018
2018 Learn How to Do SEO for Wordpress Blog Better Ranking Performance

Learn How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog Better Ranking Performance

Everybody should learn how to do SEO for WordPress blog, because maximum number of bloggers use WP script for blogging. The reason is easy to operate, index quick and rank fast.

You read about How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog in this article today. The complete explanation will update continue, check new update in this article.

The WordPress software is the best option for beginner to expert blogger. It has become first choice of blogger. Seeing this trending of WP, SEO of WordPress Blog has become very important part, because ranking does big matter.

You know without ranking and traffic, nobody reads your blog content. That is reason, I want to give some experience by content, because I have been working as a SEO on blogging from 2003. I hope this article will be beneficial for you.

How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog

There are many ways of doing optimization. You may install plugin or do it yourself without plugins, all depending your talent.

First Way of WordPress Blog SEO

This method is very easy and also popular among bloggers. You have to install a plugins and rest of all works will complete automatically.

The best WordPress SEO plugins are All in One SEO, Yoast SEO plugins.

How to do next process:

  • Login to your admin panel.
  • Go to plugin section left side below.
  • Choose add new, then enter plugins name for example, all in one SEO or Yoast SEO.
  • Install and activate it.
  • Go to plugins setting and custom setting if you want otherwise keep default it setting.

During writing new blog post, you have to write title and description below your blog post, these are meta (Title and Description) tags which show in heading section. It helps search engine ranking and first step of SEO.

Important SEO Tip: If you set Keyword in Title, URL and Description, your 50% SEO work is completed.

Second method of WordPress SEO is different, but you won’t believe, but it works well.

First of all I want to clear here that if you do not install SEO plugins, search engine cache title and description automatically from content. OK.

How to Do WordPress SEO without Plugins

2018 Learn How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog Better Ranking PerformanceYou have heard about plugins that plugins put load on blog, you blog slow down.

Important Note: Blog speed is a big factor after unique content for ranking.

According to ranking rules, you have to optimize your blog post using own methods, as I explain here. You have decided a topic for blog post, this is your main keyword. In other word, it is your target keyword. Now I tell you where you have to use this target keyword, read this article below.

You can use following tips, I am explaining with example here.

    1. I want to write blog post on this keyword: How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog.
    2. My targeted keyword is How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog.
    3. I will use it in blog post title like this: Learn How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog Better Ranking Performance.
    4. I will use keyword in blog post url like:
    5. I will use keyword in <h1>How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog</h1> and <h2>How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog</h2> and <h3>How to Do SEO for WordPress Blog</h3> head tags inside content.
    6. I will repeat this keyword 5 times in content and make bold it.

This method can use for optimizing wordpress blog post. And you no need plugins that load your blog.

Conclusion: I have explained both methods, both are good, It depends you what type of method you like. I hope you understand well how to do SEO for WordPress Blog yourself.

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